Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

September 29, 2012

Learning a foreign language needs time and dedication. The reasons below might help to encourage you to take the plunge, if this kind of persuasion is needed. Some reasons are practical, some aspirational, some intellectual and others sentimental.

Language influences culture, so learning a language helps you to know how some others think, and it will also help you to obtain a general knowledge of our world and the a lot of people and cultures that inhabit it. Once you understand a language, you begin to understand another culture, way of thinking, new point of views.

Throughout the modern age, with globalization at its height, knowing one or two secondary languages turned out to be additional when compared to a easy feat of high category and intelligence but as well as a strict requirement in several occasions. Whether or not it’s for professional, social or personal reasons, learning not less than one foreign language could be a should for anyone that desires to actually keep his/her head up high in today’s society.

Let’s take a targeted look  on your main reasons that must flip you towards learning a foreign language :

Profesional Requirement

This is often in all probability the most reason for that one would learn a foreign language. Several professions need the understanding of not less than one or two foreign languages, reckoning on the sphere of the duty. Most jobs might raise you recognize an international language like english, french, spanish or german or maybe a business-specific language like chinese, japanese, russian and thus forth.

If you’re a native english speaker you could have it to a small degree easier, since english happens to be the main international language ( and one who is present one of the typically in job descriptions ) however knowing a secondary would possibly additionally prove very important.

Social Bonus

Knowing a foreign language ( or additional ) is really a social bonus. There’s positively a steep hill to actually climb between being presented as somebody that doesn’t recognize any foreign language whatsoever against being presented just like a polyglot. Another case when knowing a foreign language might well be literally a social blessing is where meeting a foreigner whose language you might want to speak.

They’ll be extremely impressed because of your ability to actually talk at their side through their very own native tongue, though you’re on home grounds and this reality will one handedly develop a nice impression around you. In case the foreigner happens to actually be a part of a business meeting, this impression will flip to some successful business partnership, bringing you each skilled and social satisfactions.

Family Communication

It’s typically the case where some formed from persons of diverse nationalities perceive one another via a commonly known international language like english. In spite of this, they’ll soon wish to actually begin learning one other person’s mother tongue, not just for a stronger communication, but as well as from respect to them.

Personal Satisfaction

Learning a foreign language one amongst is definitely one of the highest intellectual goals that one may contain, on a private scale. Have faith in a horrible puzzle, or math problem that takes months if not years of constant studying so as to actually be solved. the actual procedure of solving it's going to be a arduous, arduous one however the yell of joy at the tip is well worth it.

It’s the exact case with learning a foreign language : the learning method isn't simple and you’ll have several tiny problems and issues to actually tackle along side means. You’ll have to actually specialize in varied aspects on your problem, like spelling, grammar, reading, pronunciation and thus forth. If you really keep the challenge in sight in spite of this and if you really don’t lose interest in it, the possibilities of solving it are extremely high and of course the intellectual fulfillment you get at the tip is incomparable to actually anything.

Keeping the Brain Healthy

It’s been scientifically proven that by learning a fresh language, the actual procedure stimulates your brain in such a manner to the point it can actually make you additional keen on understanding and learning different subjects, together with “real” disciplines like math, physics, chemistry and thus forth.

Learning a fresh language needs the memorizing and understanding of many thousand new words and concepts, that offers your brain a powerful coaching for future occasions where memorizing could be a should. Once studying a foreign language you’ll have higher results with studying for exams, with info assimilation and usually, with keeping the brain healthy and “active” even at older ages.

Study and Research

If you are planning to study at a foreign university, college or school, you'll need a very good knowledge of the local language, you will probably find that information about subjects you're interested in is published mostly in a foreign language. Learning that language will provide you with access to the material and enable you to communicate with fellow students and researchers in the field.


A lot of English speakers seem to believe that wherever you go on vacation you may get by speaking English, so there's no point in learning some other languages. If people don't understand you all you need to do is speak slowly and also turn up the volume. You could more or less get away with this, as long as you stick to popular tourist resorts and hotels where you could commonly find somebody who speaks English .

However, if you need to venture beyond these kinds of places, to get to know the locals, to read signs, menus, etc, knowing the local language is important. When you have a more advanced knowledge of the language, you can have real conversations with the people you meet, which can be quite interesting and will add a new dimension to your vacation.

Learning a foreign language can provide you with solutions to speak about things that might be difficult to express in your own language. It's also an effective way to get in touch with other selves.


Marek said...

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