The Importance of Internet Access in The House

November 8, 2012

The internet is the method many of us take for granted. We search for recipes, keep in touch with friends and family, and study various subjects. Ever more gadgets like phones, e-readers, and MP3 players connect to the internet.

A lot of students using the internet on a regular basis to do study for papers and other school tasks. Besides the internet, numerous students use applications like word processing programs, drawing programs and photo-shop programs.

It really must be reassuring that ever more students are using the computer. That is until you check out data in the states that perform worst where education is concerned. Current statistics out of Louisiana, which frequently ranks close to the bottom in terms of education and graduation rates, indicate that between 32 to 40 percent of students do not have accessibility to computers or internet in the home.

Think about the student who does have internet access in the home. With a five page report due, that student sits in their own home, pulls up the internet on the computer, and at their fingertips get numerous sources from which to obtain information.

After gathering his or her files, this student kinds in the report, providing little attention to the right spelling or grammar, since both of those are simple enough to fix with an adequate word processing application. Eventually, the corrected study paper is printed out and tucked into a file to be turned in.

When compared to the student who does not have computer and internet access in the home has to get a source to collect data from for the paper. The library are probably a great source for that, but first the students should get a ride to the library. If that student is lucky, they can then using library resources .

This really is a more slower process, needing a longer time. Several students might then have to wait in line for computer time at the library, with intends of getting time to insert their report and print it out. Even so, computer resources at the library are limited, and not every person can have the valuable time or chance to type in their report.

Which means that this student will be able to spend much more time hand-writing the report. Besides, this student will not have the benefit of grammar and spell checker software program.

During the period of a student’s elementary, middle and high school years this disadvantage could possibly be cumulative and can even cause reduced self confidence, as grades may perhaps drop, or at best need a lot more work, and also a long time hours to keep on being more competitive with other students that have technological advantages like home computer and internet accessibility.


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